Friday 21 February 2014

Editing Data

Most data used in Ranges will have been created by another tool, a telemetry recorder for location data, perhaps a GIS for vector or raster backgrounds. But there will be occasions where it is necessary to edit data, maybe even create a simple vector file from scratch and for this reason Ranges comes with simple editing tools.

Ranges8 has always allowed users to add locations and draw shape files by clicking on the display and by adding coordinates to the data grids. Ranges9 will also contain this functionality but due to the improved navigation functionality ("drag to position" in particular, users will now press the CTRL button (in draw mode, the cursor changes to a pen) before clicking on the display to create the coordinates.

I has long been possible to tweak rasters by changing the number representing a category in the grid that represents the raster  "pixels". Ranges9 improves on this by allowing users to select the category in the category list and clicking on the raster pixel to be edited on the graphical display. This makes raster editing much more convenient.

Note that shapes and raster points can also be selected, meaning they are highlighted in the data grids and on the display itself, though this now requires that the user holds down the shift key while he clicks on the display.

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