Tuesday 10 March 2015

Learning about analysing animal radio-tracking data

Very large numbers of papers have been written on this topic, but some useful simplification is available. The second paragraph of the introduction to Location Analysis in the Ranges tutorial contains two references which remain very comprehensive sources despite their age. The 2001 Manual for Wildlife Radio Tagging is now available also in e-format; this book is compared with another edited by Millspaugh & Marzluff (2001) that focuses on analysis approaches.

The second reference in the Ranges tutorial is a 2001 paper, but for an updated (and similarly concise and citation-rich) review of home-range analysis, just click the Review Of Home Range Analyses. The Tutorial Link (left column) gives you a good idea of what is in Ranges 9, and the Demo Tutorial gives an idea of what the software is like to use if you first download the free Demo of Ranges 9 which operates for either Windows or Apple Mac computers.